10 Other Things To Do in Siem Reap Besides Angkor Wat

10 Other Things To Do in Siem Reap Besides Angkor Wat
10 Other Things To Do in Siem Reap Besides Angkor Wat

Are you traveling to Siem Reap? You have got some days traveling in Siem Reap and you have visited Angkor Wat, what other things can you do? Siem Reap is not only about Angkor Wat, there are some other things to do around here. Check-out 10 other things to do in Siem Reap below!

10. Angkor National Museum

A museum that exhibits artifacts of Khmer Empire. The museums is divided into 7 rooms that explain a lot about Angkor Wat, the king and its history. Visit the museum before going to Angkor Wat so that you have a handful knowledge about it and not necessary to hire a guide in Angkor Wat. Admission: Adult $12 Children $6

9. Watch Apsara Dance

Several places have Apsara dance performance where you can watch a cultural performance of Apsara dance(Khmer classical dance to the royalty) while having dinner. It could be a little pricey for this performance which cost $35 for an adult(dinner included).

8. Khmer Kick Boxing

It is also call Pradal Serey, which is similar to Muay Thai. Drop by CTN Angkor Arena to watch a live kickboxing, the shows available in the afternoon and at night as well. There is one bar right across the Pub Street has live kickboxing show as well, it is free to enter and you can enjoy the beer at $5.

7. Landmine Museum

The museum is meant to educate visitors the importance of clearing the landmine in Cambodia. In Cambodia, landmine is still a threat to the country where million pieces of them still buried underground especially at the rural areas. The museum is far from town and the entrance fee is $5.

6. Tonle Sap Floating Village  

Siem Reap is located close to Tonle Sap lake, the biggest lake in South East Asia. It is famous for the floating village at the coast nearby. Apart from Angkor Wat, this is something different you can visit. You can visit the floating village through booking at any travel agency in Siem Reap.

5. Phare – The Cambodian Circus

Phare offers different shows every night at 8:00pm. The reviews of the performance are very high and it’s well worth a visit. With the blend of circus show with great storyline, Phare has one of the most popular performance in town.

4. Bugs Meal

Cambodian started consuming insects and bugs during the civil war, that’s the only free source of food during the time. Through the years, eating insects has become a tradition in Cambodia. You can find it at any street stalls, try a couple of them. If you prefer them with decent taste of these insects, I recommend Bugs Cafe. They have made the food into another level which can be consider as cuisine, insects with french cuisine at a professional level.

3. Pub Street

The best place to experience nightlife in Siem Reap, you wouldn’t miss it because of its popularity. There are a lot of bars and restaurant at this area, live music and with Angkor draft beer as low as $2.

2. Night Market

The night market of Siem Reap is located opposite of the Pub Street. Many food stalls and souvenir stalls can be found here. There are a lot of massage service in this area too, you could see signs of showing $3 massage.(for 10 minutes only)

1. Swimming at the pool!

Siem Reap’s weather is extremely hot and humid. There isn’t any beach around but most hotels and hostels has a swimming pool. Free yourself for a day from all the touristic places and just stay in at the swimming pool and sun-bathe.

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