Electricity tariff from April 1 2024 how much will a kWh cost


Electricity tariff from April 1 2024 how much will a kWh cost
Electricity tariff from April 1 2024 how much will a kWh cost

In Ukraine, from April 1, the electricity tariff will not change and will be 2.64 UAH per kWh. At the same time, the fixed price may be revised in May, but the Ministry of Energy has not yet announced such plans.

This is stated in the material OBOZ.UA. The cost of electricity was revised in the summer of 2023. And although the cost of generation and repair work require constant revision of tariffs, it is likely that at least in the coming months (or even throughout the year) the tariff will not be increased.

How to pay less for electricity

The State Agency for Energy Efficiency on its website published tips for Ukrainians on how to consume current efficiently. And it’s not always about saving: reasonable consumption is necessary primarily to conserve resources. Basic tips:

Turn off the lights if no one is in the room.

Use energy efficient light bulbs. Light-emitting diode (LED) energy-saving light bulbs that do not contain harmful substances should be installed.

Motion sensors are an opportunity to save energy when it is not needed. In apartment buildings, they should be installed in corridors, entrances, stairs and other common areas. In a private house — at the door and in the yard.

Energy-saving household appliances are marked “A” or “A+”. A refrigerator of this class will consume 30-50% less electricity than a device of the same volume of brand “B”.

Sleep mode for your computer is appropriate if you leave it on for a few minutes rather than overnight. Devices that no one is using should be turned off. Or better yet, disconnect the plug from the socket altogether. This will not only save energy, but also protect devices from the effects of possible power surges. You can also install circuit breakers.

Battery-powered devices (such as mobile phones) should not be left on for longer than it takes to fully charge the battery.

The refrigerator and freezer should be kept clean, free of ice and snow, and defrost these appliances regularly. You must ensure that the door is tightly closed. Cool food before putting it in the refrigerator. Firstly, a hot pan will make the refrigerator work harder, and secondly, it will heat up other foods and they may spoil. The optimal temperature in the refrigerator is from zero to five degrees Celsius. Adjust it according to the temperature in the kitchen and the amount of food.

Use microwave ovens, MH ovens and induction cookers — they work quickly and economically.

As OBOZ.UA reported, the most energy-consuming among the electrical appliances familiar to Ukrainians is the electric stove.

It consumes 4-8 kW.

In second place are air heaters, air conditioners, boilers and oil heaters, consuming 2-3 kW each.

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